Yoga and Nature

Their secrets revealed

When we feel the essence of nature, something deep in our souls comes alive. Those essential qualities that we perceive in nature are also a part of ourselves. The deep truths of the soul can be given expression through many forms of art – including yoga. The different gestures formed by the body express qualities universal to humanity.

Through these photos I hope to bring you closer to some essential qualities contained in nature and expressed through the body. My understanding of the poses has been inspired by the book “The Soul Dimension of Yoga” and other books by Heinz Grill.



Over the summer months the sun shines down on the cornfields, gradually turning the fresh green wheatgrass into mature, golden ears. The stems grow tall and strong, the wheat field starts to shine with a warm golden glow, and each ripened berry eventually has the potential to form an entire new plant.

In this yoga pose, “The Tree”, the hands are joined together at the heart centre – the centre of our mature individuality. Just as the wheat kernels incorporate the sun into their being, human beings learn from their various life experiences and develop with time warmth in their own inner kernel – the heart.



In this yoga pose, “The Triangle”, the feet remain firmly anchored while the side of the body is actively stretched and opened, as if we are carried beyond the boundaries of our personal limitations and fears. The pose describes the courage to extend our potential and embrace new horizons. It gives a feeling of freedom and airy spaciousness.



Streams flow down from the surrounding mountain heights and gather at this calm lake.

In this pose, “The Wide Stretch”, the movement flows inwards from the widely out-stretched limbs into the centre at the lower back. The attention is drawn inwards away from external drives and activities bringing an experience of calm, meditative inwardness.



This rock is solid, firm and unambiguous. It forms a stark contrast to the infinite openness of the sky.

This balancing pose, “The standing splits”, requires a clear, unambiguous decision. A focussed strength is needed in the pelvic and lower abdominal muscles. At the same time the head and shoulders remain soft and relaxed in the surrounding space. It is the pose of decisive yet humble action. The span of the legs depicts the ability of human beings to be both grounded in the earth and open to more intuitive ideas and feelings.