Yoga DVD for home practice

Bring a yoga class into your own living room with this yoga DVD

Do never quite find the discipline you need to practise at home?
Do you have trouble remembering exactly how to do the poses?
Is your level of concentration just not quite the same at home?

Click here to see yoga DVD booklet with details of poses.

This double yoga DVD has several unique features:

  • It includes seven short yoga cycles with different characters and meanings.
  • The cycles range in length from 20 to 35 minutes.
  • Each cycle is followed by a guided relaxation with singing.
  • The yoga DVD has a “mix and match” format so you can structure your own practice session.
  • Each pose is clearly explained and demonstrated.
  • The level ranges from gentle (DVD 1) to some quite challenging poses (DVD 2).

Price: £15 + shipping

Email Karen to order a copy and pay by online bank transfer or cheque.

Some Clips from the yoga DVD