Vegetarian Cookery

vegWhether you are vegetarian yourself or are looking for ideas to cater for vegetarian friends or relatives, these vegetarian cookery workshops are suitable for anyone who wants to learn a simple, natural way of cooking without the need for long, complicated recipes. You will learn how to cook a variety of grains, pulses and vegetables, and how to use nuts, seeds, herbs and spices to embellish your meals. More and more people  these days are seeking to reduce or omit meat from their diets, but many are concerned that their diets will not be nutritionally complete without it. These vegetarian cookery workshops give you both practical cookery skills and an understanding about nutrition so that you can be confident your diet is balanced. But nutrition in a holistic sense is not just about the substances we put into our bodies. Cooking is also a creative art. Choosing, preparing and eating food are all opportunities to develop a relationship to the various foods as they proceed from the ground to the kitchen to the plate to the mouth. These vegetarian cookery workshops provide a practical opportunity to explore how food can nourish not only the body but also the soul.

Please phone 01823 400122  or email to register your interest.  

Watch a vegetable pasty being made in 3 minutes!!!