Spiritual Yoga Books

Below are listed some spiritual yoga books by the contemporary teacher and author Heinz Grill. Included are four books about the yoga poses one about nutrition , and a booklet of so-called “soul-exercises”. They form the basis for the courses offered here. These spiritual yoga books differ from many of the yoga books available on the high street today in that they include not only practical instructions and photographs of the yoga poses, but also descriptions of the poses in their inner meaning. These descriptions convey the artistic expression of the poses and the spirit in which they should be performed. The nutrition book likewise is concerned more with the inner meaning of food than with scientific facts and figures. To study these spiritual yoga books is like embarking on a life long journey. We can read them again and again and each time something new will be revealed to us.

Harmony in Breathing – Deepening the path of yoga practice

This book is suitable for those new to the practice of yoga, as well as for those wishing to deepen their understanding. Alongside numerous illustrations, it contains fifteen short practice cycles and many practical tips and instructions. The book helps readers to work more deeply with the breath and introduces them to a new dimension of life – a dimension of soul and spirit.It is divided into two sections; The first part is the so-called training of free breath. This describes a cycle of various exercises which allow practitioners to experience the breathing in its living context as it happens in life. The exercises are explained in their deeper sense. Some of them are completely new. The other section describes exercises in which the breath is consciously guided, the so-called Pranayama exercises.

  • ISBN 3-98042-304-2
  • 1st English edition 1996
  • 144 pages, paperback
  • 57 black & white photos
  • 1 pull-out sheet
  • £12.60

Available from Karen Patterson

The Soul Dimension of Yoga – A practical foundation for a path of spiritual practice

ThThe soul dimension of yogaThis is an excellent book for those wishing to deepen their understanding of the yoga poses in their inner meanings. It is illustrated with large, colour photographs which vividly convey not only the practical technique but also the deeper sentiments of the poses. The text focuses on the seven chakras or energy centres. There is a section devoted to each chakra, describing its physical position, its function and meaning, and its practical implications for life. In each section, several positions are described, which can encourage the development of the relevant chakra, some easier, some more advanced. All the positions are described in their inner meaning along with clear practical instructions for their practice.The book is illustrated with excellent quality, colour photographs which provide an added means of conveying the deeper sentiments of the poses. This is an excellent book for those wishing to deepen their understanding both of the chakras and of the yoga poses in their inner meanings.

  • ISBN 3-935925-57-3
  • 1st English edition 2005
  • 215 pages, hardback
  • 99 colour photos
  • 2 illustrations
  • £18

Available from www.lammers-koll-verlag.com.

Enriching the Life and Health of the Chest Area

enriching_bookThis book is concerned with the chest area and with the prevention and alleviation of many illnesses affecting this part of the body. However as with all of Heinz Grill’s work, the subject is tackled from a deeper perspective than just the physical. The chest forms the centre between abdomen and head, and the book starts with the question “What actually is the human centre?”In the various exercises (mainly yoga, but also some visualisation and drawing exercises) readers are encouraged to develop “inner feelings” for the qualities of the poses or drawings they create. It is these inner feelings of the heart which can ultimately bring life back into the chest area.

  • ISBN 9783935925341
  • 1st English edition 2012
  • 112 pages, paperback
  • Colour photos and illustrations
  • £15

Available from www.lammers-koll-verlag.com.

The Spiritualising of the Body – An artistic and spiritual path with yoga

spiritThis is the most poetic and uplifting of all Heinz Grill’s yoga books to date. It is concerned not so much with the physical benefits of yoga but rather the body is seen as an instrument for the spirit. In each of the yoga positions described, the body expresses a higher, sublime perfection and harmony, as if it were freed from the usual earthly forces of gravity. The message of the book is conveyed using poetic and evocative descriptions, often drawing parallels with the harmony we see in nature around us.Starting with some of the more basic yoga poses, the book progresses through a series of practice-cycles of increasing difficulty, ending with some highly advanced positions. In all cases the major emphasis is on the inner attitude needed to work with the practice-cycles, which are intended more as a form of meditation than as physical exercise.

  • ISBN 3-935925-58-1
  • 1st English edition 2004
  • 217 pages, hardback
  • 17 colour photos
  • 72 black & white photos
  • 1 pull-out sheet
  • £22

Available from www.lammers-koll-verlag.com.

Nutrition and the Inner Sense of Giving – The spiritual meaning of food

nutrition_bookThis book is less concerned with the effects of various nutrients on the body, but more with the effect that a sensitive awareness of food has on the soul. Its aim is to encourage readers to see nutrition in a spiritual context and to develop a sense for the inner nature of various foods. The first part of the book is concerned chiefly with the way we as human beings relate to our food and includes aspects such as the love and attentiveness with which we prepare our food, and the consciousness and gratitude with which we eat it. The central section contains descriptions of various different foods and their inner, spiritual qualities. The final part contains a series of lectures given by Heinz Grill about nutrition and spiritual development.

  • ISBN 978-3-935925-53-2
  • 1st English edition 2007
  • 100 pages, hardback
  • Illustrated in black & white
  • £13

Available from www.lammers-koll-verlag.com.

Six Soul-Exercises

six-soul-excercisesThis booklet contains some of the so-called “soul-exercises” which are recommended as practical tools on the path of spiritual training offered by Heinz Grill. These exercises teach us how to observe things objectively – free from our automatic, subjective reactions. Through regular practice over a period of time, we begin to see what is really there – in others, in nature, in what we read or look at. We experience a greater calmness and order within ourselves, and develop a new perceptiveness and wisdom for life.

  • ISBN 978-3-935925-51-8
  • 1st English edition 2007
  • 36 pages, paperback
  • 3 colour photos
  • £6.50

Available from www.lammers-koll-verlag.com.