Yoga intensive course


This yoga intensive course consists of 6 morning workshops over a four month period. It is designed to help you

  • improve your yoga practice
  • develop the confidence and self discipline to practise at home
  • develop a greater sense of self-empowerment for life through yoga practice
  • whilst this course is open to anyone wishing to deepen their yoga practice, it also forms an essential foundation for those thinking of doing the 2 year yoga teacher training course.

20180120_121438Course content

On the yoga intensive course we work thoroughly with a selection poses, breaking them down into their individual components to understand how they work physically and also what personal strengths are associated with them.

You will receive a lot of individual attention to help you overcome any difficulties and improve your practice.

Short practice cycles are given after each session for you to practice at home in the intervening periods. During the workshops we also discuss ways of finding time to build regular yoga practice into your life.

On this course we work with the booklet “A New Yoga Will –  A cycle of exercises to promote individual strength” by Heinz Grill. (Copies available from Karen). This booklet contains many pictures and detailed explanations regarding the physical practice of the yoga exercises as well as the personal strengths they can help us develop. 

20180120_123333Yoga and self-empowerment

The physical practice of yoga goes hand in hand with the development of certain inner strengths. We could say that it is “character building”. More specifically, you

  • develop mental concentration by working to mentally picture the poses you practise
  • develop an artistic sensitivity by feeling the forms of the poses as you give them a graceful shape
  • increase will-power and stamina by setting yourself physical challenges

As these inner strengths develop in the yoga intensive course, they empower you to take hold of your own life and shape it your own individual way.

20180120_124632Dates of the yoga intensive courses

The workshops are held at three weekly intervals on Saturday mornings from 9 am to 1 pm.

Next course dates

5th January 2019

26th January

16th February

9th March

30th March

20th April

Cost and bookings

The whole yoga intensive course costs £150 payable upon booking. For more information or to book a place please contact Karen at the link below.