Beginners’ yoga – 6 week course starts

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This event finished on 19 September 2017

6 week beginners’ yoga courses are held several times a year in the Yoga in Somerset yoga studio just outside Milverton, 20 minutes from Taunton. These courses are suitable for those completely new to yoga or to this approach and will equip you to join the general classes afterwards.

You will learn to practice some of the basic stretching and energising yoga movements, and will be taught to work with your body in a natural and graceful way combining strength with lightness in your movements. Week-by-week you will gain confidence in your practice as you repeat the movements, understand more of their principles and learn new exercises.

You will quickly experience various health benefits; your spine will become stronger and more flexible and your posture will improve; your energy levels will increase and you will feel both calmer and more alert. 

Classes are held on Tuesday afternoons and evenings and last for 1 and 1/4 hours. Click here for more details of dates and times.


On our yoga teacher training course will practice an active, energising and aesthetic form of yoga