About Karen


Karen Patterson

I have been teaching yoga since 1992. My initial love for the physical movement with its simultaneous mental calmness is now evolving into an understanding that yoga can be a profound tool for helping each of us as individuals shape our own lives autonomously. My wish is to make it possible for more and more people to develop a calm clarity, artistic sensitivity and a grounded will-power, and so to maximise their individual potential in life.

I attained a yoga teaching qualification at the Heinz Grill Yoga School in 1993. This approach to yoga has formed the basis of my practice and teaching to this day. In addition I hold a British Wheel of Yoga teaching diploma. Many other styles of yoga and other disciplines such as Pilates and Alexander technique have also informed my teaching.

Other interests include nutrition  (I worked for 17 years as a state registered dietitian in the NHS) and music (I was musical director of Taunton Ladies Chorus for six years).