Yoga classes in and around Taunton

Welcome to “Yoga in Somerset”.

Here you will find details of weekly classes, weekend  workshops a 4 month yoga intensive course and yoga teacher training courses in Milverton, Taunton and Wellington.

All classes are taught by me Karen Patterson. My aim is for my students to develop the clarity and strength to take charge of their lives as individuals. We do this by developing mental clarity and physical strength in yoga. In the exercises, certain parts of the body are strengthened to give core stability, whilst other parts become more relaxed, flexible and free.  Structuring the movements in this way gives the positions a graceful, artistic form.

Wheel with leg raise

Some of the exercises are light and energising, others work more to build up strength, and others again are done with calmer, more focused awareness.  This combination of calmness, strength and energy creates a feeling of centred alertness and aliveness.

The weekly classes are always based around a central theme with a main learning step each week. This means that you understand what you do and why you are doing it and can make better progress.

This approach to yoga encourages us to focus our thinking, refine our awareness and strengthen our will power. This gives us valuable tools for life. The weekend workshops, yoga intensive course and teacher training course all provide an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the personal strengths for life that can be developed through this practice.

As inspiration for my teaching I work with the interpretations of the yoga positions described by the spiritual teacher Heinz Grill  . In his books and videos he describes in details the forms and meanings of the yoga poses. In shaping them artistically we develop both physical and personal, creative strength.

Here at Yoga in Somerset I invite you to experience how some of the ancient and wisdom-filled gestures of yoga can be shaped into a creative expression through the body.